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About Us

Gunsan since Olympic is our brand in 1974, office furniture and quality, keeping in the customer satisfaction, sofa sets, chairs, to study cinema and variety of people and institutions such as conference chairs continues its production activities in many areas with special projects.
Our company is the technological infrastructure every day since its inception, continues confidently towards continuously improving the growth rate of the broad product range.
Gunsan exports to European countries. Only the most modern and contemporary designs all over the world not follow the sectoral innovation in our country aims to offer its customers.
We noticed the lack of nickel in our region and we have established our chrome-plating plant in 2006. Our facility is exemplary projects selected by the European Union. Serving as contract in the nickel and chromium plating.
Our company is special to you, project-oriented architectural design, interior solutions experience, knowledge and imagination to interpret; office, cinema halls, dormitories, cafes, restaurants, houses, hotels, small and large-scale projects such as preparing private property, is to practice and interior design.

Our goal is to carry our own company and the domestic and foreign markets without sacrificing quality bayilerimz constantly updated technology with pioneering work that we started in our own area. 

Gülsan Sanayi Sitesi 52.Cad. No:25 Samsun Canik

+90 362 238 1868